We Moved!

It’s been 10 weeks and 2 days since we first swung a sledge hammer into the walls here. And now I’m sitting in a sea of moving boxes, finally feeling the fruits of our labor, because we are all moved in and it feels great.

Our gigantic couch was just as much of a pain in the ass as ever.  Here it is coming into our old place:

coming in, just barely making it.

big couch coming in, just barely making it.

And here it is going out:

no room for error

big couch going out, no room for error

We hired the same movers I used when I lived in Boston.  The company is called Safe Responsible Movers, and they are a bunch of tatted up musicians that jam at night and schlep boxes during the day.  They are the best movers I’ve ever used.  I would totally use them again, and again.


They gave me a hard time because the only box that needed to be moved with a hand truck was the one with my shoes:


What can I say?  I love shoes.


Everything is going well so far, we did have a little uninvited guest the first night. A chipmunk ran into our house and tried to hide in our tools.  We did manage to get it to go back outside, but not before I screamed so loud our neighbors probably thought I was being mauled by a bear.


Welcome home!