Renovation: Basement Bathroom.

I love good before and after pics.


If you haven’t noticed, my version of home improvement tends to involve ripping everything down to the studs and rebuilding it from scratch. But it has finally occurred to me that’s not always the best option. Sometimes the projects have to be quick and dirty.


We have a super creepy basement bathroom. It was added by the previous owners, but never fully completed. The grout was falling apart, the corner seams in the tile were unfinished, the walls were barely primed, and no matter how hard I would scrub it down, it still looked disgusting.


Frankly speaking, when we get around to finishing the basement this bathroom will eventually get torn apart (and turned into something super fabulous) but for the time being I just want it to look passable. To keep the basement bathroom cost down, it just needed a little TLC… And by TLC I mostly mean new grout.

before and after

before and after

Operation Basement bathroom:

1. New bright white grout (leftover from my previous projects )
2. Freshly painted walls (excess paint from the master bedroom)
3. New mirror (scored a Home Goods)
4. New shelf (left buy the previous owners, never mounted)

This project was only $50 and lots of elbow grease, but it was totally worth it. Even though this is like putting a silk hat on a pig, it finally feels clean!


I’m telling you… When in doubt- regrout!