Paint Storage Dilema.

There’s a looming problem in Heatherland that I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts it’s plaguing a lot of other people too: paint can storage.


I was shocked to count 13 gallon sized paint cans kicking around in our basement as “leftover paint”.  I didn’t even think we used 13 different colors, but between the primers, the colors, and the trim, I guess we did.


One thing’s for sure, we will not be devoting precious cabinet space to store these spare paint cans.  I wanted to consolidate them into a “touchup kit”.


I found these 8oz glass yogurt jars on Amazon.  Why these?  Well, 8oz of paint is enough to keep around for a touch up, glass is easier to open and keep clean when I need to use them, and they were about $2.25 each.


Then I wrote the formula name and number, the type of paint, and where they were used on the lid of each one.


Before screwing the cap on, I sealed them with a layer of cling wrap so the paint doesn’t have a chance to dry to the lid.  Then I tucked them away in a box to store for safe keeping.


Even if you aren’t in the mood to streamline your paint can collection, here’s the skinny on storing latex paint:

  • Latex paint cans that have been opened will keep for about two years.  After that, even if the paint mixes well, the color has oxidized so much it may not match anymore.
  • Paint must be kept in a cool, dry, dark area.
  • Paint should never be exposed to extreme temperature changes.
  • When you are ready to dispose of your leftovers, Lowe’s has information on their website on where you can recycle it, Recycling Center Locator


It feels good to reclaim some storage space in Heatherland!