Dim Some?

I’m not sure which problem came first: The spouse or the iPhone?  But there is a problem.  Reading an apple device (iPhone or iPad) in bed keeps Mr. Heatherland up.  The dimmest setting is still too bright.  I have never cared enough to rectify the problem, sorry Mr. Heatherland, but now I have Lord Fussington and he wakes up at night if I have a bright screen near him.


In an effort to maintain my sanity to keep my sleeping baby asleep, I finally learned how to make my screen(s) dimmer than the dimmest setting, and it’s been a game changer!


How To Be Dimmer Than Dim


Go to Settings → General → Accessibility 



Choose Zoom



Then toggle Zoom on, and do a *SUPER COOL 3-FINGERED TRIPLE TAP* on the screen to bring up a translucent configuration overlay menu. From this overlay menu, tap Choose Filter → Low Light




Then tap away from that menu and you’ll be back on the Accessibility screen, find Zoom Region  Full Screen Zoom



Then go back to the beginning: Settings → General → Accessibility → Accessibility Shortcut


Check mark next to → Zoom


And now you have a dimmer than dim screen so everyone (i.e. babies and spouses) can sleep peacefully while insomnia takes over your life.  You’re welcome.