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Take A Hike.

Ahhh, Vermont.


The fresh country air.  The lush foliage.  The excuse to wear head-to-toe Lululemon as my all day ‘Vermont-Hiking-Ensemble’ and my 15-minute no-makeup-makeup look.


Yes, it was good to be in the country.


After our extra large breakfast to prepare for our hike, we headed the short distance from where we were staying to the Sterling Pond Trail at Smuggler’s Notch.


Oh, do you want to know why’s it called ‘Smuggler’s Notch’?  Because back in the early 19th century, contraband runners used the cover of the Notch as a passageway through the mountains while they secretly smuggled goods back and forth to Canadian trade markets.  Years later fugitive slaves risked their lives journeying through the Notch in search of freedom (since Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery). Finally, the Notch was used to smuggle of liquor during Prohibition.  Pretty interesting, huh?


Anywhooo… The appealing thing about this hike is the quick elevation gain- the comparison to a “stair stepper” was used in the brochure- and the fact that it’s the only hike with a 3000ft above sea level pond.



It was quite a pond.  This was more far bang for my buck than I expected.  I was pretty impressed.  Plus, I only manage to slip and fall once.  And that’s not bad compared to my average.

A Weekend Wedding.

You know, ever since moving up to Newburyport I have felt like I’ve been on an extended vacation.  It could be because I’m so close to the beach and in such a pretty place.  Or it could be because I keep getting our of town- I haven’t had so many weekends away since, well… ever.  It’s been years since I could actually attend something on a Saturday.


Last weekend we headed up to Northern Vermont to attend a wedding at The Barn at Boyden Farm in Cambridge, VT.  I would be willing to say this was one of the best weddings I have been to in a long time- maybe even ever.


It was so charming, so rustic, so well organized without being overly contrived.  And it was beautiful- It felt like I was walking around the living, breathing version of someone’s pinterest board.


The following day we were on a mission to go for a hike.  But not before breakfast.  Luckily Vermont is known for fresh, local, homegrown food, so it wasn’t hard to find something great.  The Mix Cafe serves up breakfast and lunch daily.  However, “healthy” is not a word I would use to describe the meal- um, hello ‘creme brulee french toast with drunken blueberries’.  It’s a hard dish to do lite, but also a dish I will dream about for years.


Now, pumped full of caffeine and sugar it was time for a hike- since Vermont seems to be the land of great hikes, which one will we choose?


I’ll give you a hint: it has a pond 3000 ft above sea level.


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