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Fire & Ice Facial.

Winter is turning me into a lizard.  The combination of wind and ice outside, and the dry heat inside, my face doesn’t stand a chance.  I’m molting.

photo credit: pixgood

photo credit: pixgood

Then to compound a flaky complexion with my ongoing quest to not turn into a wrinkled old prune- I recently found myself in the throes of a beauty crisis.


The silver lining is:  I’m in the beauty industry.  That means I can get my eager hands on all sorts of amazing products.  And believe me-I’m no stranger to subjecting my skin to procedures, peels, and elixirs.  So here’s my latest fixation:

The Fire and Ice Facial


Developed by iS Clinical, these two products have been loved by estheticians for years.  The iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial t’s basically a miracle in two jars- this clinical treatment is designed to resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and soften, while encouraging cellular regeneration.  So for my purposes, it’s perfect.

photo credit: the spa at lafayette

photo credit: the spa at lafayette

Step One: Fire.  Yup, it burns… a lot.

iS Clinical Intensive Resurfacing Masque

• Smoothes and polishes the skin
• Provides controlled exfoliation
• Offers noticeable results
• Restores healthy glow to dull skin
• Deep-cleans pores

Step Two: Ice.  When following step one, this actually burns a lot too.  Ironic.

iS Clinical Rejuvenating Masque 

• Offers antioxidant-rich treatment for all skin types
• Provides nourishing hydration
• Soothes irritation and post-procedural redness
• Creates a cool and refreshing sensation

This is one of the few peels you can get done that require zero downtime.  That means I didn’t trade my lizard-like skin for more lizard-like skin.  Once you’re done- you’re glowing.




Gray, Gray, Go Away.

No, I’m not talking about that lame, dirty book.  I’m talking about hair.  My hair.  Time is marching on and each day that passes I find a new strand that has decided to give up on being brunette.

At least I’m not alone.  Heck, I’m surrounded by gray-haired darlings all day long at work.  The only difference is their gray hair can be colored, where as my silly white hair refuses to cooperate.  Resistant is an under-statement.

photo credit:

photo credit:

Ever wonder why it turns gray? 

Each hair follicle contains a certain number of pigment cells that continuously produce melanin (the same stuff that provided color to our skin, eyes, everything), and these cells give the growing shaft of hair its color.

As we get older, the pigment cells in the follicles gradually diminish. The result is fewer pigment cells in each hair follicle, causing a strand of hair to be a more transparent color- like gray, silver, or white.

That’s why there are still shades of gray.  You can notice some people’s gray is more yellow gray, some is more blue gray, and some is a crisp white.  It just depends on how much color those little cells are still putting out.

It’s all genetic.  So blame your parents.

So what can be done to stop time?

  • Super weird news: L’oreal has a pill in the works (meant to be on the market in 2015) that promises to prevent hair from turning gray.  But you have to take it every day, before you start graying, for the effects to work.  It sounds a little too weird even for me.
photo credit: tumblr

photo credit: tumblr

  • Although no evidence supports this, there is a strong belief that a happy side effect to a wheatgrass shot a day is the ability to keep the gray away.  Since wheatgrass is so insanely good for you anyway, why wouldn’t you do this?
  • And then there’s the time tested approach of finding a great colorist (Umm… hello, I happen to be quite good).  If you can’t beat it, blend it.

And if you have no gray-woes, count yourself very lucky… and we’re no longer friends.

Big Bangs Theory

When I first moved from the Bay Area to Boston I had bangs. Like a serious, full-on, forehead covering fringe. And in California, I loved them. I groomed them obsessively and had them cut bi-weekly. Unfortunately the first day of my new East Coast life was the last day of that relationship.


Boston is super windy, and anytime I was walking (which was always since I didn’t drive) I could feel the wind making a mess of them- no matter what angle tried to tip my head I knew my hair was always looking very Something About Mary.  When the humid summer months rolled around they were perpetually stuck to my forehead. It was gross.

photo credit: eonline

photo credit: eonline

But here we are, two years later, I’m starting to yearn. It’s not my fault. My forehead is looking a lot like a five-head and Elle magazine has been tempting me with the youthful Miss Lawrence:

photo credit: elle

photo credit: elle

And with the beautiful, and newlywed, Mrs. Timberlake:

photo credit: Elle

photo credit: Elle

I know if I cut them I will regret it the moment the first snip occurs. So I did what any girl would do… I ordered some Ken Paves fake bangs.  This is the perfect way to commit to a new hairstyle with no commitment at all!


photo credit: ken paves pinterest

photo credit: ken paves pinterest

They should show up in a day or two, and I’ll let you know how it goes when I get the glorious little beauties.


Hey, don’t mock the weave till you’ve rocked the weave.


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