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Renovation: Day Ten.

The first 10 days have flown by.


While I was obsessively scraping the popcorn ceilings, Mr. Heatherland was busy ripping it apart the bathroom apart.  Even the sub-floor was not untouched.
The bathroom was in such disrepair that if we (he) didn’t start over from scratch it would not look perfect no matter how hard we tried. We will be laying large format tiles on the floor and the walls, which are much more unforgiving than smaller tiles.


New PEX plumbing was used, a new subfloor it is laid, and the transition between the bathroom and the hall will be seamless now. Raised thresholds are soooo last year.


He also pulled up the last of the pergo floor in the kitchen only to reveal the original linoleum floor … it is, of course, glued and screwed to the subfloor.

Our electrician was brought into play. This 31 year old house will be getting an entire re-wire, new panel box, and plenty of recessed lighting to keep me happy. Currently the wiring is so confusing and not up to code that it’s better just to start from scratch.


And for me, well… call me Patch Adams. I have gone through about a gallon of drywall compound (seriously), and I’ve mastered using a pole sander. The goal is to make these kitchen walls look like they weren’t supporting cabinets for the last three decades. Afterall, our open concept design needs clean walls.
While waiting for all that to dry, I pulled thousands of staples from the subfloor, and chiseled off the kitchen backsplash.  Mr. Heatherland loaded up 2000 pounds of demo debris, and signed for multiple deliveries.  So far we have received our Schluter shower system, the bathroom lighting, the bathroom fan, the bathroom vanity, and the flooring for the whole dang house.
Eight weeks to go.

Renovation: Popcorn Ceilings.

When we were first looked at this house, I couldn’t even focus on all the work that needed to be done because I was so distracted by the most hideous thing in some older homes: Popcorn Ceilings.


Count yourself a lucky person if you’ve never had any experience with them. Officially called “acoustic ceilings”, they were invented after World War II as a design feature in new homes to keep noise from traveling room to room. But you can’t clean them, they look like cottage cheese, and back in the day they were chock-full-o-asbestos. Lovely.


Before we bought the place we sent a sample to be tested for asbestos, just in case, and when it came back clean I knew this would be one of my first projects to tackle since it is really, really messy.

Armed with a step ladder, a garden sprayer filled with warm water, a large scraping trowel, and some rosin paper for the floors, I got to work spraying sections of the ceiling and scraping the nasty stuff off the drywall. The whole house took me three days, it took a little longer because I could only keep my arms up in the air for a few hours at a time… I’m only human, after all.


What now? Well, I’d like to say the hard part is done, but the ceilings need a lot of work. I need to patch it, sand it, and prime it with a drywall primer before painting.


It’s a lot of work, but I think it will be well worth it in the end to give this house a more modern feel.

Renovation: Day One.

This is our new DIY Project:

Yesterday we closed on it, and spent the evening celebrating the purchase in a rather non-traditional way by popping a bottled prosecco, toasting to the future, and swinging sledge hammers.  But not before a masked-kiss:


I made a little progress in the bathroom, taking down trim, removing the vanity, and disassembling the bathroom closet to get to the pipes.


Meanwhile, Mr. Heatherland made much more progress as he tore down the wall between the two smallest bedrooms to make way for a master bedroom.

He got some sage advice from a man that has been through a renovation with a significant other before, “Whatever you do, get the bedroom done first.” And I agree, we have exactly nine weeks before we move in, and regardless of the chaos in the other rooms, as long as we have a nice place to sleep, we’ll be okay.


This will be a wild nine weeks.

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