Renovation: Walkin Closet.

We are five weeks into our project, with one trip to California thrown in the mix for good measure, and we are starting to see serious progress. However, in light of all the changes we are making to the house, I feel the need to bring some attention on something very grave and serious here on the East Coast:

“Tiny Closet Syndrome”.


The previous owners made due with these tiny closets, but I couldn’t handle it. Between the massive wardrobe we both have, and my notoriously gigantic bed, we were in desperate need for an actual master bedroom with a walk-in closet.

Down came the wall in between the two smallest bedrooms.


Then the new closet was framed. Big enough for our things, about 6′ by 7′, without having to move any windows. I wanted the doorway for the closet on the side, to hide the pending mess in there, as well as leaving us a usable wall in the bedroom.


Mr. Heatherland hung all the drywall and I have been responsible for taping and mudding it.


As of yesterday the 7 inside corners, 7 outside corners, the ceiling and all the new drywall seams are one final sanding away from being primed. It seriously took forever!  It’s so dusty…. I would never want to do this in anything other than a construction zone.

The last of the bedroom loose ends are being tied up. The recessed lights will be done this week, the track lighting for the closet has been ordered, I am looking into an Elfa closet system while still trying to adhere to the (already blown) budget, our new doors are on their way and the new handles just came in and they are gorgeous!


It looks like we are on schedule to have a nice place to sleep when we move in… In 4 weeks!