Our Wedding

Wedding: Flowers.

I really didn’t want to have cut flowers at our wedding.


In general, I love having cut flowers around my house, and I love it when Mr. Heatherland brings me flowers.  But wedding flowers always feel very wasteful to me.  It’s a slippery slope of bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and altar decor, and I viewed the whole thing as a giant waste of money since it all goes in the garbage right after the wedding.


Instead I opted for potted plants that I could keep afterwards: Orchids and succulents to be exact.


But then, at 5pm, the night before our wedding, I started to regret not getting a bouquet. As if on cue, I ran into Darcy Hammer, the florist mastermind behind LeReve.  I told her I was getting married tomorrow and needed a bouquet, the only requirement was it had to be earthy, rustic, and unique.



She did an amazing job.  It was mature and playful at the same time.  I loved it!


She created a bouquet with whatever she had on hand and it was a gorgeous mix of wild flowers, herbs, kale, and blackberries.  She even made a little succulent boutonniere for Mr. Heatherland.


I’m so happy I made that last minute decision.  It was perfect.  And even for weddings on a budget, skip the flowers, but totally do a bouquet.


Wedding: Name Change.

I have undergone a name change, ladies and gentlemen.
Figuring out what I wanted my new married name to be was kind of a fun process. There’s basically four options, but it was good to weigh each of them out and decided which I could identify most with.



What is me new name going to be?

  • No Change: Heather Gabrielle Ward
  • Drop Maiden Name: Heather Gabrielle Kepshire
  • Keep Maiden and Hyphenate: Heather Gabrielle Ward-Kepshire
  • Drop Middle Name: Heather Ward Kepshire


You know what? That last one actually had a nice ring to it. I can still keep my “Heather Ward” for professional reasons (and my identity) but it’s now enhanced… Like the Heather Ward 2.0 version.




I enlisted the help of Miss Now Mrs, a name changing service. For $30 they draft all the paperwork, pre-fill most of the info, and tell you the order of operations. I could have easily done it on my own, but I wanted to save time. After no more than 10 minutes I had all of my printed paperwork (social security, drivers license, passport, payroll, banks, credit cards, professional licenses, misc memberships) and I headed over to the Social Security office to waste my newly saved time there.

I’m Married!

This morning marks something monumental:

I rolled out of bed to no alarm clock, and the first time in about a year I have nothing on my calendar… No obligations… No deadlines… No trips to Home Depot…. No wedding appointments… I am free as a bird!

And more importantly… I’m Married!!!!

Yesterday was our wedding, and I am sitting here basking in the bliss of marrying my best friend, extending my family, and hosting (in my opinion) the best wedding I have ever been to!

But I’m supposed to feel like that, right?

Wedding planning was a great experience. I have equated it to a big scavenger hunt- finding all the components in this area that fit our personality, and for the next week or two I will be documenting the experience on my blog so I can share what we found, and I can remember forever how this whole thing shook out!

Sincerely yours with a new name….
Heather Ward Kepshire

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