Our Renovation

A Labor of Love

The Heatherland Bungalow

In May 2013, while Mr. Heatherland and I were dating, we bought a ranch style fixer-upper.  We were in the market for a project, and we certainly got one.   After ambitiously gutted the entire thing down to the studs, we rebuilt it with our own hands, and there is not a single original fixture left in the home.  Every square inch oozes our effort, imagination, and style.

It took the two of us 10 weeks to complete the bulk about of the work, and then we were able to move in.  By July 2013 we were engaged to be married, and seven months later we hosted our intimate wedding in this home we’ve made for ourselves.  Nothing was more moving than saying our vows in the physical representation of what we can do together.

It’s was a great year.

Before moving to the DC Metro Area, we listed and sold our house in less than 24 hours.  Never has there been an easier real estate transaction.  Currently hunting for the next project…

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