Prepared for Pregnancy?

Sometimes nature plays cruel jokes on you.  Pregnancy is one of those jokes.  The female body goes through so much to accommodate for a baby, and then a new mom has a ton of adjustments to make once she brings her baby home.  Why, oh why, does her hair have to be one of those adjustments?  One word: Hormones.



Time after time, when our pregnant client come into the salon (yes, you can still color your hair while expecting) she regales us with her stories about the ups and downs of pregnancy.  These appointments are always light-hearted because she is excited about this next phase of life; but also because her estrogen is pumping full force through her body, making her hair thicker and shinier than usual.  The ability to create life and have Disney princess hair… what’s not to love?


It’s all fun and games until after the delivery.  Then… BAM!  Her baby steals her beauty!  The next time we see her it’s like she’s gone through a war, and the light-heartedness is a distant memory because her hair is no longer the thick, glossy mane it just was a few months ago.  It’s in rough shape.  Here’s the lowdown on what happens up top:

Your hair falls out in scary amounts


Once your estrogen levels return to non-pregnancy mode, all the hair that wasn’t shedding during your pregnancy will fall out.  For women that usually have super thick hair, this is no big deal.  They actually revel in it.  But for the normal to thin-haired gals out there, the clumps of hair in their hand while they are shampooing is a terrifying sight.


Surprise, you have bangs


What happens after all that shedding?  It starts growing back.  Good, right?  Well, a little awkward actually.  When your hair starts growing back, everything along your hairline comes back at the same time.  Unlike normal growth cycles, which are staggered, this happens all at once.  And before you know it you have really stubborn bangs.  That will stick straight out.  Like antennas. Hope you like headbands.


What color am I?


Now that you’ve shed massive amounts of hair, and it’s grown back into weird little bangs, you might notice something else that’s new.   The likelihood of blondes getting darker, or brunettes getting grayer is very high.  Your natural color is easily affected by all of these changes.  If you didn’t need to color your hair before, you might be thinking about it now.


Get ready for all new product


One more potential change is texture.  It’s important to note that gray hair usually has a drier, coarser texture anyway, but you’ve also had a shift in sebum secretions (thank you, estrogen) that might be making your scalp greasier than you’re used to.  Your hair changes so much after pregnancy that you can bet dollars to donuts you will not want to use the same arsenal of products you were using pre-baby.  Treat it like a whole new head of hair, because it is one.


Scared yet?  Don’t be.  None of this is a guarantee and everyone is different.  Some women have no change to their hair what-so-ever, and some have changes to their hair that they actually love (rare, but true).  The important thing to remember is all these changes are normal, and with the right hairstylist they can be made a lot easier to get through.

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