How to Find a New Stylist.

Well here you are,  somehow without a great stylist.   Maybe you moved, maybe they did, or maybe you just need a change, regardless of the reason it can be a daunting task to search for someone new.  Everyone has found themselves in this pickle, but the question remains: How can you find someone new and fabulous without sacrificing your hair for the cause?



source: photobucket

source: photobucket

Start in you neighborhood, pay attention to the fantastic heads of hair around you, and ask people where they are getting  it done.  Two things will occur.  First, you’ll get referrals to loads of stylists that are loved by their clients.  And second, you’ll get an earful on about the places you shouldn’t go.  Both are very valuable sets of information to help you narrow down your options.  But this only works if you are asking advice from people who have hair the same texture or the same color as yours.  So start hunting down your look-alikes.


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source: unknown

When sorting through the massive amount of salons in your radius, you’ll need to jump down the google-rabbit-hole and start narrowing things down.  Websites are an excellent reflection of the brick and mortar business.  For example: If a salon is out-dated and run down, typically it employs stylists that are out-dated and run down, and in turn their website is also out-dated and rundown.  Are you sensing a theme?

Spend 30 minutes doing some online research and make a short list of the websites that are representing a business you would want to walk into.  This is also a good chance to check out their price ranges and make sure you’re picking something you’re comfortable with.

Also, if you have a favorite product line, check out their website for all the salons in your area that use it.  And keep in mind Yelp is a great tool to find a business that’s doing something right because they can’t edit their reviews.



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Now you’ve done your research, and you have some salons and stylists to look into.  It’s time for recon, so pick your top three salons and make consultation appointments at each.  This is the only way you can get into someone’s chair with zero risk to your hair.  Out of those three you’re bound to find someone you feel a connection with, and when your do you can book your appointment with confidence.

But let’s say you found a salon you love, you just had a consultation, but you feel like the stylist you talked to isn’t a good fit.  Don’t give up just yet, now is the time to be honest with the receptionist, either in person or over the phone, and tell them you’d like their advice in picking a different stylist.  Be honest and specific: What are you looking for?  Maybe you need someone edgier, or more conservative, or younger, or more experienced.  Whatever it is, the receptionist will do their best to pair you with the right fit.

All of this effort put into finding someone right the first time will save you a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of potentially bad haircuts.  Happy Hunting!

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